Medicus College will support you every step of the way through your study. Apply now to begin your journey and we will work with you to achieve success.


As a Medicus student, you can enjoy full support throughout your studies – we understand that managing your time with study, work, and life commitments can be challenging. We are committed to making sure your study works for you.

As a student of Medicus College, you will have access to complete support services to provide you with the individual assistance you need to make your study experience a positive one!

Some of these support services include:
Helping you get up and running with your course:

  • Managing your enrolment
  • Providing an update on your progress through the course
  • Contacting your lecturers and tutors
  • What to do if you want to apply for recognition of prior learning
  • What to do if you need to defer or extend your course
  • Issuing your record of assessment
  • Directing you to the right person if they can’t help you.

Supporting you through the challenges of online learning:

  • Getting you started with your studies
  • Ways to fit your studies around your other commitments
  • Tips to keep you on track
  • Working around disability issues
  • Researching online
  • Learning, literacy and numeracy support
  • Academic writing and referencing.

Learning something new is an exciting and fulfilling endeavour that can take you to places that you want to be. But sometimes when we’re faced with something new, some of us begin to doubt ourselves for one reason or another. It’s times like these when you need a bit of extra support and that’s what we’re about!

  • Industry-leading lecturers, tutors and support staff
  • One-on-one support services to help you on your way


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    Medicus College was started to provide various education options to a wider range of people, who are looking for a growth in their career. We facilitate education across many different levels and platforms. We provide Diploma Courses which acts as a value for students’ career paths.


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